About Me

After going down a career path that included getting my master's in Clinical Psychology and maintaining HRIS databases, I stumbled upon coding. At the beginning of 2020, I made the decision to switch to a career in software development because I finally felt like I found something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

In November 2020, I completed a Full Stack Web Development boot camp through Trilogy and The Johns Hopkins University, where I gained experience in creating mobile-first applications, focusing on JavaScript and using the MERN Stack.

I'm currently working as a Junior Software Engineer for Vultr, a cloud infrastructure company, based out of West Palm Beach, FL. I'm always happy to discuss my current projects or my own journey, navigating the coding world. Check out my resume.


JavaScript • Node • MySQL
The Habit Tracker

An application that allows the user to add and track habits they are trying to create.

HTML • CSS • JavaScript
What's On The Menu

A mobile-first application that allows you to search for chain restaurant menu items and recipes based on dietary restrictions.

MongoDB • Express • React • Node
Flavor Saver

A mobile-first application for posting photos of your food and discovering new food, restaurants, and fellow foodies around your area.

HTML • CSS • React
Employee Directory

An application where an employer can view non-sensitive data about their employees.

JavaScript • Node • MongoDB
Fitness Tracker

An application in which the user can add, view, and track their daily workouts by specifics.

HTML • CSS • JavaScript
Pig Game

A game where the player who gets to 20, without losing all their accrued points wins!

Get in Touch

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